Bait Fishing: Tips And Techniques Check It Out Here!

By: Mark Fleagle

For anyone leaning about fishing, baiting a hook is a key part of that knowledge. For experienced fisherman there is a constant trial and error process that occurs, and what works is documented for future fishing trips. Seeking new bait fishing methods and techniques to improve your fish catch is very important. The real challenge to fishing with bait is keeping your baits looking natural to the area you are fishing. the closer you can match your bait fishing presentation to the natural food source of the fish you are targeting the more successful you will be.

We all love fishing with artificial lures, we check out all the latest artificial bait imitations, we purchase them just to say we have the latest and greatest in new artificial bait fishing lures or plastics. But when fishing gets really rough and artificials just are not getting it, Guess what ? we turn to the real thing live baits! Bait fishing naturals such as Nightcrawlers, bait fish, leeches, crustaceans which include crayfish, scuds,freshwater shrimp,saltwater shrimp,mud shrimp and ghost shrimp, also salamanders such as waterdogs,spring lizards, mudpuppies and leopard frogs. We also turn to fishing with live insects such as aquatic insects which include may flies, stone flies, caddis flies,crane flies, dragon flies. and dobson flies ( hellgrammites). And we cant forget terrestrial adult insect types such as crickets and grasshoppers as well as larva forms of catalpa worms, waxworms, goldenrod grubs, mousees, spikes, euro larvae, and meal worms. To be honest , it is estimated that 75 percent of all fish caught with a hook and a line are caught with live bait. We hope that our bait fishing information will help you when the fishing gets tough and you need to turn to natural baits.

There just hundreds of bait fish that work for freshwater fishing baits, and saltwater baits. You can use bait fish such as bluegills or sunfish, golden shiners, spottail shiner minnows, redbelly dace or rainbow minnows, fathead or tuffy or mudminnow, horney head or redtail chub, and freshwater shrimp baits. Some of the many saltwater bait fishing selections include herring, mackerel,smelt,mullet,mussels,saltwater shrimp, squid and tuna. All these bait fish both freshwater and saltwater are excellent selections for you bait fishing rigs.

Also we can't for get the old reliable nightcrawlers as live bait. Nightcrawlers and other worm type such as the common nightcrawlers, european nightcrawlers, african Nightcrawlers, grunt worms, garden worms, red Wigglers,and leaf worms

Also There are just thousands of freshwater catfisherman so we thought we would mention a little bit about catfish baits. The catfish baits we have identified work for live bait presentations or dead cutbaits and prepared stink baits. These baits include nightcrawlers, suckers, chubs, shiners, goldfish, shad, skipjack herring, bluegills, catalpa worms, grasshoppers, leopard frogs, bullfrogs as cutbait, waterdogs, adult salamanders, crayfish, saltwater shrimp, clams, and blood baits. As you can see Catfish will will eat just about any natural bait presentation you put on your bait fishing rigs.

Most of the baits listed in our article can be caught or made by your self but sometimes these natural baits will be very hard to catch so finding reliable bait shop for for your bait fishing needs will be important. Also some of the baits listed are not normally sold in bait shops to learning to catch them yourself to use on your bait fishing rigs will be important.

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5 Secrets of Successful Membership Sites

Being the best means taking cues from the best. When it comes to membership sites, the
best include such big shots as,, YouTube, MySpace and more.
Here are 5 secrets of the big boys and how you can use them to launch your membership

1. Successful membership sites have a specific niche with a demand for their products and
information. Think about What a fantastic niche! Imagine fitting the need of
millions of people that want to connect to their old classmates, or are simply curious to see
what everybody is up to. What is your niche? Even if it isn’t a niche that will reach millions,
the tighter your niche, the more money there is to be made.

2. Successful membership sites know the value of maximizing their revenue by offering
multiple revenue streams including:
• Affiliate Programs
• Advertising
• Information products is a website that makes fantastic use of their market’s needs by offering
relocation services, job counseling, resume and cover letter services, education tools, and
even money management tools. They also make money with advertisers and partner/affiliate
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3. Successful membership sites realize the importance of building your brand and increasing
exposure to your site
• Logo
• Slogan
• Repetitive design elements
YouTube has to be one of the most recognizable membership site logos around. Whether
you see it from a distance on the side of a bus or at the top of a webpage, it’s instantly
recognizable because it is simple, clear, and consistent. Three easy rules to follow when
you’re designing your own logo and slogan.

4. Successful membership sites are successful at generating traffic via various techniques
• Content
• Linking
• Careful choice of keywords
• Press releases
Weight Watchers and Elance are two membership sites that have capitalized on the power of
keywords, word of mouth advertising, and valuable content. Whether you’re searching for
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Elance operates a little bit differently, they’ve harnessed the power of the keyword “freelance”
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Use these strategies to drive traffic to your membership site and success is virtually

5. Successful membership sites realize the value of keeping your members happy by
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• Regular e-mail contact
• Polls and surveys.

Pick any major membership website and take a look at the benefits they provide to their
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Give your members what they want and then go the extra step, give them what they don’t
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The Five Top Applications For Hidden Cameras and Spy Cameras

By: Chris Packer

Progressively more uses are being discovered for spy cameras as they get progressively cheaper and more obtainable. The primary reasons that people buy spy cameras are as follows:

Keeping an eye on babysitters and nannies.

Quite a few parents, particularly mums who are returning to work, want to check up on their kids and establish that the daycare provider is doing a acceptable job. What Is More, a nanny camera can set your mind at ease, since you will be able to know for certain whether the nanny you have employed is conducting themselves in a fashion of which you approve.

Coffee break

As a coffee drinker, I am also enjoying all beverages that has coffee flavor in it. Got this recipe from my friend and I love it so much.

Hunting Links

I'm sure you are familiar to exchange links. There is one tip to look for links that many people have been doing is by searching for websites that have forms that you can fill and get link partners that way, right from Google. You can enter such information like:

* Name of your website.
* Description
* URL where you reciprocate.

The most awesome thing is that you can find a load of websites that you can link to. To get this websites, this is what you do.

* Go to Google

* Type the following phrase in the searching box as it is: keyword “Please also suggest my link to the Directory."and replace the “keyword” with the keyword that you are optimizing. For example if I use keyword "computer", I will write: Computer “Please also suggest my link to the Directory."

* Hit Enter – Google will give a tons of websites that have a form that you can enter your website information above. Create a link to all those websites and that’s about it.

Another great way to exchange tons of links, there are some websites that allow users to trade links with other websites and the best part is that they actually rate these websites depending on the response.

Good luck and happy hunting links... :)

Passport validation service

I found this site and make me chuckle. You have to try it and see if you are interested to make your own passport using their service :) If you dont have a passport yet, you can registered online there for free...!!

Unique facts about cellphone

Cellphone or mobile phones have become one of a main need in our society. The level of cellphone penetration defeat the fix telephone which is only in the range of 4%. When combined with a fixed wireless (CDMA) is less than 15%. Compare with mobile phone users (GSM users) that almost reached the figure of 30% of the total population of Indonesia. Of course it is a very fantastic numbers, considering the development of fixed line has been going on for decades, while the cellphone only took 10 years to touch the number 25%.

Here are the unique and interesting facts of the devices that are phenomenal:

  • Telecommunications operator with the largest number of subscribers in the world was hold by China Mobile. Subscribers reached more than 200 million people . Exceed Vodafone's position with about 186 million customers.
  • The most 3G service subscribers in the world is NTT DoCoMo of Japan. Subscribers reached 29 million people. Second place was hold by Italy from countries with the number of subscribers italy approximately 8 million. While the third position achieved by SoftBank Mobile from Japan.
  • The fastest SMS typing record held by Ang Chuang Yang, 16 years of successful Singapore-based typing SMS is 160 characters in just 41.52 seconds. Achievement Ang times broke the previously recorded American Ben Cook in July 2006, with a record time 42.22 seconds.
  • The first camera phone in the world is Sharp J-SH04 issued in Japan in November of 2000. This phone has a camera resolution of 110,000 pixels.
  • The first mobile phone virus in the world created by Job de Haas, a computer security researchers in the Netherlands, in 2001. This virus can damage your Nokia cell phone via SMS text message alias.
  • The first commercial mobile phone was launched to the market is the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x in 1983.
  • SMS (Short Messages Services) was first transmitted through the Vodafone GSM network in the UK in December 1992. The text that is sent is "Merry Christmas".
  • the first phone that have the ability to move in a dual mode (GSM / WCDMA) is Nokia 6650. This phone was launched on September 26 2002.
  • The world's smallest mobile phone held by the Xun Chi 138. This phone has a length of 2.64 inches (6.7 cm) and weighs less than 2 ounces (56.69 grams). Has supported resolution touch screen display 260 thousand colors, 1.3MP camera, music player and 121MB of internal memory.
  • The first mobile blogging was created by Tom Vilmer Paamand on 21 May 2000.


Helps individuals with bad credit get home mortgages

When you plan to buy the house of course you expect the best results in accordance with the cost of which will be issued. Therefore, before you start to sight seeing for your future home, you should make a priority list for houses that is wanted such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pages, garage, roof condition, walls, and others. And then make a list of the general facilities - that you will need, such as water supply, electricity, public roads, sanitation, houses of worship, schools, markets, and others.
Add more to the list other requirements such as flood-free, friendly neighbourhood, etc.

1. Determine how to take care of your house

Each person will have a different answer. The key in buying a house is that it should make your life more prosperous. Do not make this purchase if it will make you experience a decrease in the standard and style of living and does not reach other financial goals in the future. To avoid that situation then create a family accounting balance sheet for the property of liquid cash that are ready to be used to finance the purchase of a house. Property of liquid cash mean is a number of idle funds in your savings, deposits or other place that can be taken at any time.

A number of the cash must be available in the process of purchasing a house even if you buy it by credit. Because, in general, the transaction with the purchase of home loans house divided into 2 phases, advance payment with the house, the seller will ask for money as a down payment, the amount is vary, usually at most only 30% of the house price,then the rest is financed by home loan.

2. Preparing a number of cash advance for back up.
Some cash should also recommended to anticipate the other cost that maybe occur in purchasing a house, such as booking fee, deposit, sale and purchase deed, the cost of the certificate and notary fees, and so on. If the purchase of a house financed with loans from the bank should also be prepared to fund administrative costs of credit provision fastening, notary fees, fire insurance and life insurance. In addition to also consider the cost of moving to set up house, and fill the house. Although the contents of the home purchase can be done gradually according to the availability of funds, if your money have been a mostly spent, at least you still have it to buy a curtain.

3. Search for source of funds or financing sources
Buy a home can be done with the 2 way that is in cash and credit or a combination of both. If you want to buy a house in cash, you can set up some funds, such as how to save regularly or invest. So that the accumulation of the benefits of investment can be used to buy a house.

The Advantages of buying a home in cash, you do not need to depend on other parties and the most fun you are free from the obligation to pay the monthly installment. But it may take a very long time to reach a number of funds that you need to buy a house.

With high house prices at this time, some of you may be difficulties in providing the funds in cash to purchase the house. You can still buy a house with a loan to the Bank. In general, funds that can be given credit by the banks is a maximum of 70% from the price of the house, the rest of 30% must be financed by itself and is considered as a house down payment.

If you want to buy a house that way, you have to estimate how much income you can spare to pay the repayments. Of course, your net earnings per month should cover another household needs first, then the rest is for paying the loan. Ideally your home loan repayments amount not more than 30% of your total earnings so that the remaining 70% will be used to replenish the other needs.

4. Check the obligations on your debt or any other party before you submit a credit to the Bank
The Bank has its own analysis and sources of information that can be trusted to know the condition of your financial picture. Therefore, before purposing a loan to the Bank, please check your other debts such as Installment of credit cards,motorcycle, car repayments, and others.

Do you have bad debts on the other hand, when the due date of the last - installment of your debt. If you have more than one credit card, but only one is active, the other card should be closed. This is to prevent the bank, not to enter a non active credit card as your debt, because you have not actually use it.

Tips to bid price of the house

New buildings such as houses, flats, apartments usually offered with a fixed price from the developer while second hand houses are usually open for bargaining. There is some information that we should be pay attention before we submit an offer:

* The price offered is the same as that offered for the other house with the same conditions are the same area
* Condition of the house, whether it need to repair or not.
* It is how long the house has been offered for sale,

if it has been offered for some time ago the seller may desperately want to sell the house so that you can push the price to the lowest. Ask the neighbors about the house price in that area, maybe you even find out the reason why the seller want to sell that house, so that from the information you will get the best price to buy a house.

Make an ad like a designer

As an advertiser, we must have a good, eye catching, quality ad that represent our product, but not all of the advertiser know how to make or design our ads to meet that requirement. If we had a designer friend, we could ask them to make it for us, but it's not a good thing if we keep on asking. We can ask a paid designer for doing it, but again It's not fun to keep on spending money for our ad, specially if the cost is expensive.

So, Why don't we try to do it ourselves? I found this site when I was surfing in the internet. On that site, they told us how to make or design our ad as good as a designer. How do we do it? In that site they explain everything step by step how to make an ad by ourselves. For example, How to Develop Benefits, Things to remembering brainstorming, etc. It also contain some tips like how to develop your offer, etc so we can make an ad with a strength to compete with other. Not to forget about some tips in avoiding things that people often do like overkill ad, etc.

It's the time know not to depend on someone else in making ad. Once You success in making it, You will feel confidence to make another one and maybe start to help other advertiser in ad making business. this site also give you an idea to become an ad designer yourself. Isn't it more interesting for our business?

The power of Brain

It's really amazing what a human brain can do. I always believe that spelling is really important in English language, until I read this paragraph below :

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.

I am sure that you understand what it mean in the paragraph above...I learn that a more useful reading "trick," is to read just the first and last sentences of paragraphs. That's where the most useful information usually is.

Tihs is rllaey amzanig huh? :)

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The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Angelina Jolie's beauty is amazing. In each occasion, the mother's six children is always cause click amazed. The survey shows that she is the most beautful women in the world.

Survey conducted by the magazine for women 'Vanity Fair'. quoted from detikhot Female First, on Wednesday (15/4/2009), the pair live of actor Brad Pitt was chosen by 58 percent of readers as the most beautiful woman in the world.

That result is very dominant compared with other women on the list of the Vanity Fair. Supermodel origin Brazil Gisele Bundchen who has occupied the second position only get 9 percent of votes. While the catwoman Halle Berry is in the third position only get 4 percent.

The names of other beautiful women who successfully removed by Jolie, among others, is Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss and singer Beyonce.

Not only this time Jolie is called like that. Last month the magazine 'Who' crown from Australia also stars' Changelling 'as the most beautiful woman.

How do you think?


The 4th and 5th Award

I've got these award from my International friend blogger :)
The first one is from mymeryl (Phillipine)

and the other one is from jessyjessieca (Malaysia).

Both award are represents the value of friendship.
I love both award because it makes me feel of being accepted as international blogger :D and these award doesn't have tasks so I don't have to do anything just forward it to some other blogger.
So Now I will deliver those 2 award in a packaged ( because they came in the same time ) to the following blogger :


2.Aditya Ramadhan

3.Ho hum, I drum



6.mbak Reni


That's all my friend blogger who I think deserved for accepting these award, pls feel free to Copy the award and forwarding to others who do you think also deserved it.
Thank to mymeryl and jessyjessieca for the award. Wish the best of luck for both of you.

Gado gado,recipe

I have to post about this, since my blog's name is gado gado :)
First of all, gado gado is one of exotic Indonesian traditional food. It's called gado gado which means a mixture of mostly vegetable with peanut sauce and spices that make this food as a sweet and hot salad for the foreigner. There are so many kind of recipes for gado gado and I will just post one of them that my mom always make. Hope you will enjoy it.


150 grams of cabbage, sliced
1 bunch spinach
50 grams of bean sprouts
6 bean stalk length, cut 4 cm
1 soybean curd, ( fried )
150 gram tempe ( fermented soybean product ), fried
1 cucumber fruit, cut dice
2 eggs, ( boiled )
Melinjo crackers

For Sauce:
grind 300 grams of fried peanuts
500 ml coconut milk from 1 clove of coconut
1 stem Serai,
2 pieces of lemon leaves
4 tbsp tomato sauce bottles
2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp chicken taste flavour

2 red chili
5 cloves of onion
3 cloves garlic
2 cm turmeric
1 tsp salt

Complement: Leaf lettuce, tomato, and boiled eggs
Topping: fry onion


1. Sauce: heat oil, sauteed mashed ingredients until it become a bit yellow and smell. Add with peanut, coconut milk, Serai, lemon leaves, tomato sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chicken flavour , stirred well, cook until it boiled, lift.
2. Boil vegetables until cooked, lift, live it to get rid of the water.
3. Prepare the dish, vegetables governance, bean curd, and Tempe. Pour peanut flavor or served separately, topped with fried onion.

served with boiled eggs and melinjo crackers.

For: 6 people

Video of the day

Got this funny video from Youtube, showing a twins making a joke to people in the rest room. What a brilliant idea and lots of funny things watching people reactions. Enjoy.. :)

The 3rd Award

Another award That I got this time is from from Mbak Reni

This award represent friendship, support, and of of course hopefully increasing traffic for the one who receive it. I always love receiving award, 'coz it certainly will bring traffic to our blog which is good for our business, and also give more confident to us for posting more. By having an award, at least we know that people out there read our blog so We can also put those award in the side bar just to show it to people how proud we are :)

Now I would like to forward this award to some blogger which I choose because of their unique, informative, and useful blog, or simply because I love their blog.
Here they are :

1.Jessy Jessieca
It's really cool blog, always updated and full of girl things :)
Reading this blog will give you lots of inspirations.
Personal blog with lots of nice pictures :)
This blog has lots of tips and tricks for blogger.
5.Rumah Islami
You can find about Family and lifestyle in this blog.
Really cool layout
7.Sharing information
We can find about online marketing here such as click bank, domain hosting,etc.
8.Keindahan dunia
Tips about everything, but mostly about Internet and computer.
9.ghani wardhana
Great music blog
Fantastic lay out, Refreshing and funny posts, specially her last post about Indonesian Language :)

That's all guys...Congrats to all of you with the award and please feel free to copy the award above and post it in your blog then forward it to at least 10 other blogger with your choice.
For other, my friend blogger, If you read this, please visit all the blog above, I am sure you will learn something from them :)

Thanks again to Mbak Reni for the award and the support.

Keep blogging guys... !

A house for $1,-

If you think that the price of a house is very expensive, maybe you have to think back again when you know what happened in Detroit,US lately.

Global financial crisis has destroyed United States economy. As a result, many home-owners home loans, which are not longer able to pay installments, have to release house should be confiscated by the bank.

One of the house has been sold and go to the block by the bank with the highest auction price of $1, or about Rp 12,000. Two bedroom house with this condition are apprehensive, roof damaged, dirty carpet, installation of heating and other water damage, as well as kitchen and bathroom should be fixed.

However, even though in damaged condition, with the cost of 500 U.S. dollars to 1000 U.S. dollars, a house can be fixed again and become comfortable to live in.

"Buyers are considering the cost of repairing this house. With cost around 500-1000 U.S. dollars, this house can be clean,fix and look new again, and re-installing the whole works," said the seller.

Some of the house which is more exclusive are sold with the price under $5000. It's far bellow the normal price which is around $75.000

Well do you interested with one of these house? You better check the complete story about this in here

Let's vote for Komodo

Do you know that there is a campaign for the 7 world wonders going on right now, and Indonesia has sent 3 names to be nominated. They are Lake Toba, Krakatau Island, and Komodo National Park. Among that three, Komodo National Park is having a good rank so far (13Th rank).

The voting is divided into steps. Since Jan 1st 2009 the national qualification phase is over, and there are 261 qualified nominees. Voting for nominees will continue through July 7, 2009. The top 77 nominees by group categories (the top 11 in each of the seven groups) will be eligible for consideration by the New7Wonders of Nature Panel of Experts, under the leadership of Prof. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO. The Panel of Experts will review these 77 nominees and choose from them the 21 Official Finalists, according to published criteria. The selection will be announced on 21 July 2009, and the 21 Official Finalists will then enter the third and final phase to vote and choose the Official New7Wonders of Nature.

So let's support our nominee, Komodo National Park, by giving a vote and tell other people to do the same.Komodo National Park is unique and has a plus point because this place is a habitat for a living proof of the big lizard that ever live on earth.

We can be participated in the voting by visiting here but if you want a chance to get a free pocket camera you vote through this link here

OK folks, have a nice vote and wish That Komodo National Park would be chosen as one of The New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Blog's Awards

It's been a long time I've never written here since I'd rather took care another blog of mine kumpulan situs bisnis online and because of that I've got two awards from my friends showing that they are really appreciate me and my blog. Well, of course I am honored to accept those awards, but there are some tasks waiting for me to be done :) and one of those tasks is by writing it in my blog and forwarding it to another blogger, but since my other blog is full with advertisement :) so it would be nice if I posted here.

OK...The first award is from e-je

This award is interesting 'coz it's called Friendly Blogger Award...Well, They are really friendly because I have to do these things below to get this award :)
1.Take your latest picture
2.Don't change your cloth or even fix your hair, just take your picture right now as natural as possible so we can see you as the way you are :) using cellphone or camera.
3.Post your picture in your blog and of course don't do any editing in your picture as well...
4.Post also the instructions how to get this award ( like this )
5.(My favorite part hi..3x) Tag 10 people to do the same as above to show them that you are really care of them and their blog and how Friendly they are as a blogger :)

So..this is my picture as the way I am :) Don't click on the picture to make it bigger since it won't make any better of my look :D

Well then it's time to announce who is the Friendly Blogger in my opinion who deserve this award and the award goes to.... :

1. Love is beauty
2. djsasongko
3. Kang Artha
4. chupchup
5. Lylafitri
7. lovepinkbutterfly
8. nagapasha
9. sangkot-brothers

Alright...Congratulation to all blogger above and please accept this award and feel free to copy the award and post it in your blog and don't forget to put your picture as well OK..

NOW....the 2nd award that I received is from mayaozk who really nice and give me trust that I can be a good Blogger by always keep on posting blog. That is this award all about.

Honestly, I am inspired by this award Because this is the award that encourage me write again in this blog after so long :)
And surely there are some tasks also that I have to do to get this award but it is not as "Hard" as the first one :) All I have to do is just make a post about this award and pass the award to some Blogger who I think need this to encourage more in posting blog.
Well after doing little bit fit and proper tests :) I would like to dedicate this award to 5 blogger bellow, and they are :

1. Kawanua Law Crime
2. sukrablog
3. ukibatam
4. gajahbonge
5. muga-jogja

Congrats to all of my blogger friends above, again please feel free to get this award and post it in your blog then pass it forward to another blogger who you think need this to encourage them to post more.

Thanks to e-je and mayaozk who had done this before and I really appreciate that you guys trusted me on this.