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It's been a long time I've never written here since I'd rather took care another blog of mine kumpulan situs bisnis online and because of that I've got two awards from my friends showing that they are really appreciate me and my blog. Well, of course I am honored to accept those awards, but there are some tasks waiting for me to be done :) and one of those tasks is by writing it in my blog and forwarding it to another blogger, but since my other blog is full with advertisement :) so it would be nice if I posted here.

OK...The first award is from e-je

This award is interesting 'coz it's called Friendly Blogger Award...Well, They are really friendly because I have to do these things below to get this award :)
1.Take your latest picture
2.Don't change your cloth or even fix your hair, just take your picture right now as natural as possible so we can see you as the way you are :) using cellphone or camera.
3.Post your picture in your blog and of course don't do any editing in your picture as well...
4.Post also the instructions how to get this award ( like this )
5.(My favorite part hi..3x) Tag 10 people to do the same as above to show them that you are really care of them and their blog and how Friendly they are as a blogger :)

So..this is my picture as the way I am :) Don't click on the picture to make it bigger since it won't make any better of my look :D

Well then it's time to announce who is the Friendly Blogger in my opinion who deserve this award and the award goes to.... :

1. Love is beauty
2. djsasongko
3. Kang Artha
4. chupchup
5. Lylafitri
7. lovepinkbutterfly
8. nagapasha
9. sangkot-brothers

Alright...Congratulation to all blogger above and please accept this award and feel free to copy the award and post it in your blog and don't forget to put your picture as well OK..

NOW....the 2nd award that I received is from mayaozk who really nice and give me trust that I can be a good Blogger by always keep on posting blog. That is this award all about.

Honestly, I am inspired by this award Because this is the award that encourage me write again in this blog after so long :)
And surely there are some tasks also that I have to do to get this award but it is not as "Hard" as the first one :) All I have to do is just make a post about this award and pass the award to some Blogger who I think need this to encourage more in posting blog.
Well after doing little bit fit and proper tests :) I would like to dedicate this award to 5 blogger bellow, and they are :

1. Kawanua Law Crime
2. sukrablog
3. ukibatam
4. gajahbonge
5. muga-jogja

Congrats to all of my blogger friends above, again please feel free to get this award and post it in your blog then pass it forward to another blogger who you think need this to encourage them to post more.

Thanks to e-je and mayaozk who had done this before and I really appreciate that you guys trusted me on this.


8 komentar:

lover said...

aduuuhhh...award yang ketiga harus photo dulu nih...ntar ya?tetap aku kerjain tapi,sabar dulu...ihiks.terima kasih buanyak...

uki thefenomenal said...

awardnya di lah

Maya said...

wah keyen tuc fotona hihihi...
anyway congrats for the award ;))

e-je said...

wah selamat ya mas dah diambil awardnya..
mudah-mudahan bisa nyambung terus, lumayan nambahin trafik hehehe...

wowo said...

waw...asik ahirnya dapat award yg pertama...

Tp jd bingung Q, Q musti posting pa y mas.... hehehehhe

oke aku kerjain, tp mungkin g dlm 2 hr ni... soalna Q lg numpuk tugas kuliahnya

salam kenal juga n terima kasih....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award. I will post it soon :)

Ben Ferm said...

Congratulations on the awards!

tikno said...

Selamat buat Anda.

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