Helps individuals with bad credit get home mortgages

When you plan to buy the house of course you expect the best results in accordance with the cost of which will be issued. Therefore, before you start to sight seeing for your future home, you should make a priority list for houses that is wanted such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pages, garage, roof condition, walls, and others. And then make a list of the general facilities - that you will need, such as water supply, electricity, public roads, sanitation, houses of worship, schools, markets, and others.
Add more to the list other requirements such as flood-free, friendly neighbourhood, etc.

1. Determine how to take care of your house

Each person will have a different answer. The key in buying a house is that it should make your life more prosperous. Do not make this purchase if it will make you experience a decrease in the standard and style of living and does not reach other financial goals in the future. To avoid that situation then create a family accounting balance sheet for the property of liquid cash that are ready to be used to finance the purchase of a house. Property of liquid cash mean is a number of idle funds in your savings, deposits or other place that can be taken at any time.

A number of the cash must be available in the process of purchasing a house even if you buy it by credit. Because, in general, the transaction with the purchase of home loans house divided into 2 phases, advance payment with the house, the seller will ask for money as a down payment, the amount is vary, usually at most only 30% of the house price,then the rest is financed by home loan.

2. Preparing a number of cash advance for back up.
Some cash should also recommended to anticipate the other cost that maybe occur in purchasing a house, such as booking fee, deposit, sale and purchase deed, the cost of the certificate and notary fees, and so on. If the purchase of a house financed with loans from the bank should also be prepared to fund administrative costs of credit provision fastening, notary fees, fire insurance and life insurance. In addition to also consider the cost of moving to set up house, and fill the house. Although the contents of the home purchase can be done gradually according to the availability of funds, if your money have been a mostly spent, at least you still have it to buy a curtain.

3. Search for source of funds or financing sources
Buy a home can be done with the 2 way that is in cash and credit or a combination of both. If you want to buy a house in cash, you can set up some funds, such as how to save regularly or invest. So that the accumulation of the benefits of investment can be used to buy a house.

The Advantages of buying a home in cash, you do not need to depend on other parties and the most fun you are free from the obligation to pay the monthly installment. But it may take a very long time to reach a number of funds that you need to buy a house.

With high house prices at this time, some of you may be difficulties in providing the funds in cash to purchase the house. You can still buy a house with a loan to the Bank. In general, funds that can be given credit by the banks is a maximum of 70% from the price of the house, the rest of 30% must be financed by itself and is considered as a house down payment.

If you want to buy a house that way, you have to estimate how much income you can spare to pay the repayments. Of course, your net earnings per month should cover another household needs first, then the rest is for paying the loan. Ideally your home loan repayments amount not more than 30% of your total earnings so that the remaining 70% will be used to replenish the other needs.

4. Check the obligations on your debt or any other party before you submit a credit to the Bank
The Bank has its own analysis and sources of information that can be trusted to know the condition of your financial picture. Therefore, before purposing a loan to the Bank, please check your other debts such as Installment of credit cards,motorcycle, car repayments, and others.

Do you have bad debts on the other hand, when the due date of the last - installment of your debt. If you have more than one credit card, but only one is active, the other card should be closed. This is to prevent the bank, not to enter a non active credit card as your debt, because you have not actually use it.

Tips to bid price of the house

New buildings such as houses, flats, apartments usually offered with a fixed price from the developer while second hand houses are usually open for bargaining. There is some information that we should be pay attention before we submit an offer:

* The price offered is the same as that offered for the other house with the same conditions are the same area
* Condition of the house, whether it need to repair or not.
* It is how long the house has been offered for sale,

if it has been offered for some time ago the seller may desperately want to sell the house so that you can push the price to the lowest. Ask the neighbors about the house price in that area, maybe you even find out the reason why the seller want to sell that house, so that from the information you will get the best price to buy a house.