5 Secrets of Successful Membership Sites

Being the best means taking cues from the best. When it comes to membership sites, the
best include such big shots as Monster.com, classmates.com, YouTube, MySpace and more.
Here are 5 secrets of the big boys and how you can use them to launch your membership

1. Successful membership sites have a specific niche with a demand for their products and
information. Think about classmates.com. What a fantastic niche! Imagine fitting the need of
millions of people that want to connect to their old classmates, or are simply curious to see
what everybody is up to. What is your niche? Even if it isn’t a niche that will reach millions,
the tighter your niche, the more money there is to be made.

2. Successful membership sites know the value of maximizing their revenue by offering
multiple revenue streams including:
• Affiliate Programs
• Advertising
• Information products
Monster.com is a website that makes fantastic use of their market’s needs by offering
relocation services, job counseling, resume and cover letter services, education tools, and
even money management tools. They also make money with advertisers and partner/affiliate
programs. Follow the same money making strategies and you’ll be sitting pretty.

3. Successful membership sites realize the importance of building your brand and increasing
exposure to your site
• Logo
• Slogan
• Repetitive design elements
YouTube has to be one of the most recognizable membership site logos around. Whether
you see it from a distance on the side of a bus or at the top of a webpage, it’s instantly
recognizable because it is simple, clear, and consistent. Three easy rules to follow when
you’re designing your own logo and slogan.

4. Successful membership sites are successful at generating traffic via various techniques
• Content
• Linking
• Careful choice of keywords
• Press releases
Weight Watchers and Elance are two membership sites that have capitalized on the power of
keywords, word of mouth advertising, and valuable content. Whether you’re searching for
recipes, success stories, or even fitness advice, Weight Watchers has content on the subject.
Elance operates a little bit differently, they’ve harnessed the power of the keyword “freelance”
to make millions.
Use these strategies to drive traffic to your membership site and success is virtually

5. Successful membership sites realize the value of keeping your members happy by
• Articles
• Trainings
• Product reviews
• Guest interviews
• Content from other sites
• Free products to download
• Active forums.
• Regular e-mail contact
• Polls and surveys.

Pick any major membership website and take a look at the benefits they provide to their
members. Monster offers a full range of services from education to relocation. Weight
Watchers offers recipes, menu planning, and support for people with weight loss goals.
EHarmony offers a bookstore, advice, and even parenting tips – that’s really jumping the gun
but it works for them.
Give your members what they want and then go the extra step, give them what they don’t
know they want – yet.

source: MembershipMillionaire.com

The Five Top Applications For Hidden Cameras and Spy Cameras

By: Chris Packer

Progressively more uses are being discovered for spy cameras as they get progressively cheaper and more obtainable. The primary reasons that people buy spy cameras are as follows:

Keeping an eye on babysitters and nannies.

Quite a few parents, particularly mums who are returning to work, want to check up on their kids and establish that the daycare provider is doing a acceptable job. What Is More, a nanny camera can set your mind at ease, since you will be able to know for certain whether the nanny you have employed is conducting themselves in a fashion of which you approve.

Coffee break

As a coffee drinker, I am also enjoying all beverages that has coffee flavor in it. Got this recipe from my friend and I love it so much.

Hunting Links

I'm sure you are familiar to exchange links. There is one tip to look for links that many people have been doing is by searching for websites that have forms that you can fill and get link partners that way, right from Google. You can enter such information like:

* Name of your website.
* Description
* URL where you reciprocate.

The most awesome thing is that you can find a load of websites that you can link to. To get this websites, this is what you do.

* Go to Google

* Type the following phrase in the searching box as it is: keyword “Please also suggest my link to the LinkPartners.com Directory."and replace the “keyword” with the keyword that you are optimizing. For example if I use keyword "computer", I will write: Computer “Please also suggest my link to the LinkPartners.com Directory."

* Hit Enter – Google will give a tons of websites that have a form that you can enter your website information above. Create a link to all those websites and that’s about it.

Another great way to exchange tons of links, there are some websites that allow users to trade links with other websites and the best part is that they actually rate these websites depending on the response.

Good luck and happy hunting links... :)