The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Angelina Jolie's beauty is amazing. In each occasion, the mother's six children is always cause click amazed. The survey shows that she is the most beautful women in the world.

Survey conducted by the magazine for women 'Vanity Fair'. quoted from detikhot Female First, on Wednesday (15/4/2009), the pair live of actor Brad Pitt was chosen by 58 percent of readers as the most beautiful woman in the world.

That result is very dominant compared with other women on the list of the Vanity Fair. Supermodel origin Brazil Gisele Bundchen who has occupied the second position only get 9 percent of votes. While the catwoman Halle Berry is in the third position only get 4 percent.

The names of other beautiful women who successfully removed by Jolie, among others, is Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss and singer Beyonce.

Not only this time Jolie is called like that. Last month the magazine 'Who' crown from Australia also stars' Changelling 'as the most beautiful woman.

How do you think?


The 4th and 5th Award

I've got these award from my International friend blogger :)
The first one is from mymeryl (Phillipine)

and the other one is from jessyjessieca (Malaysia).

Both award are represents the value of friendship.
I love both award because it makes me feel of being accepted as international blogger :D and these award doesn't have tasks so I don't have to do anything just forward it to some other blogger.
So Now I will deliver those 2 award in a packaged ( because they came in the same time ) to the following blogger :


2.Aditya Ramadhan

3.Ho hum, I drum



6.mbak Reni


That's all my friend blogger who I think deserved for accepting these award, pls feel free to Copy the award and forwarding to others who do you think also deserved it.
Thank to mymeryl and jessyjessieca for the award. Wish the best of luck for both of you.

Gado gado,recipe

I have to post about this, since my blog's name is gado gado :)
First of all, gado gado is one of exotic Indonesian traditional food. It's called gado gado which means a mixture of mostly vegetable with peanut sauce and spices that make this food as a sweet and hot salad for the foreigner. There are so many kind of recipes for gado gado and I will just post one of them that my mom always make. Hope you will enjoy it.


150 grams of cabbage, sliced
1 bunch spinach
50 grams of bean sprouts
6 bean stalk length, cut 4 cm
1 soybean curd, ( fried )
150 gram tempe ( fermented soybean product ), fried
1 cucumber fruit, cut dice
2 eggs, ( boiled )
Melinjo crackers

For Sauce:
grind 300 grams of fried peanuts
500 ml coconut milk from 1 clove of coconut
1 stem Serai,
2 pieces of lemon leaves
4 tbsp tomato sauce bottles
2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp chicken taste flavour

2 red chili
5 cloves of onion
3 cloves garlic
2 cm turmeric
1 tsp salt

Complement: Leaf lettuce, tomato, and boiled eggs
Topping: fry onion


1. Sauce: heat oil, sauteed mashed ingredients until it become a bit yellow and smell. Add with peanut, coconut milk, Serai, lemon leaves, tomato sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chicken flavour , stirred well, cook until it boiled, lift.
2. Boil vegetables until cooked, lift, live it to get rid of the water.
3. Prepare the dish, vegetables governance, bean curd, and Tempe. Pour peanut flavor or served separately, topped with fried onion.

served with boiled eggs and melinjo crackers.

For: 6 people

Video of the day

Got this funny video from Youtube, showing a twins making a joke to people in the rest room. What a brilliant idea and lots of funny things watching people reactions. Enjoy.. :)

The 3rd Award

Another award That I got this time is from from Mbak Reni

This award represent friendship, support, and of of course hopefully increasing traffic for the one who receive it. I always love receiving award, 'coz it certainly will bring traffic to our blog which is good for our business, and also give more confident to us for posting more. By having an award, at least we know that people out there read our blog so We can also put those award in the side bar just to show it to people how proud we are :)

Now I would like to forward this award to some blogger which I choose because of their unique, informative, and useful blog, or simply because I love their blog.
Here they are :

1.Jessy Jessieca
It's really cool blog, always updated and full of girl things :)
Reading this blog will give you lots of inspirations.
Personal blog with lots of nice pictures :)
This blog has lots of tips and tricks for blogger.
5.Rumah Islami
You can find about Family and lifestyle in this blog.
Really cool layout
7.Sharing information
We can find about online marketing here such as click bank, domain hosting,etc.
8.Keindahan dunia
Tips about everything, but mostly about Internet and computer.
9.ghani wardhana
Great music blog
Fantastic lay out, Refreshing and funny posts, specially her last post about Indonesian Language :)

That's all guys...Congrats to all of you with the award and please feel free to copy the award above and post it in your blog then forward it to at least 10 other blogger with your choice.
For other, my friend blogger, If you read this, please visit all the blog above, I am sure you will learn something from them :)

Thanks again to Mbak Reni for the award and the support.

Keep blogging guys... !