A house for $1,-

If you think that the price of a house is very expensive, maybe you have to think back again when you know what happened in Detroit,US lately.

Global financial crisis has destroyed United States economy. As a result, many home-owners home loans, which are not longer able to pay installments, have to release house should be confiscated by the bank.

One of the house has been sold and go to the block by the bank with the highest auction price of $1, or about Rp 12,000. Two bedroom house with this condition are apprehensive, roof damaged, dirty carpet, installation of heating and other water damage, as well as kitchen and bathroom should be fixed.

However, even though in damaged condition, with the cost of 500 U.S. dollars to 1000 U.S. dollars, a house can be fixed again and become comfortable to live in.

"Buyers are considering the cost of repairing this house. With cost around 500-1000 U.S. dollars, this house can be clean,fix and look new again, and re-installing the whole works," said the seller.

Some of the house which is more exclusive are sold with the price under $5000. It's far bellow the normal price which is around $75.000

Well do you interested with one of these house? You better check the complete story about this in here

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Sandiwara Kita said...

So may be i have to leave Indonesia soon, and start to live in USA, hahaha. How nice post.etert

Sandiwara Kita said...

So may be i have to move to USA soon, and leave my lovely country here ???

How inspitarated post...

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