Dirty keyword

Most of the SEO guru says that the content of an article should have good keyword in it. But what is good keyword? The good keyword should cover the word that people used to type a lot in the search engine. There are so many good keywords that we can use in the article, for example: free mp3 download, dating, gambling online, free e-book, etc. Those keywords are usual keywords and there's nothing wrong with them. But we also find some 'dirty' keywords which is often used by people in their article in order to get good result in search engine page. Some of those keywords has something to do with 'sex' things like: sex online, free sex, sex dating online,etc. We can find those keywords from the article in so many sites all over the world.

Good keyword of course different if we want to aim local target such as people in one country. In Indonesia there are plenty good keyword that has something to do with online business and freebies, like: bisnis online, gratis mp3 download, game gratis,e-book gratis, etc. But, still, the favorite keyword to be put in the article is the one that has something to do with ( nothing else ) sex.

Here I am going to try putting some keywords that often make a good result for the article in the search engine page and let's see how this article appear in the search engine.
Here they are :
ABG bugil, tante girang, cewek bispak, no hp tante girang, no hp cewek bispak, no hp ABG bispak, SPG bugil, SPG bispak, no hp SPG bispak, bokep indonesia, video bokep, 3gp bokep, video porno, cerita porno, cerita dewasa, perempuan panggilan, cewek panggilan.

Those keywords has something to do with sex, blue movie, etc that I call dirty keywords. But those words really has an effect to make an article appear in the top of search engine result page. My friend has tried to use those keywords in one of his article and in one day his blog has receive around 100 visit without the promotion.

If you wan to increase Alexa rank for your site/blog this is a good trick, but if you want to get a good quality traffic, this is not the way. The right way to get a good quality traffic of course by writing a good quality article that provide information and benefit for the readers so they will keep on coming back visiting your site/blog.

Well, this is just an experiment article. If it looks good, I will keep it, and if it's not, then I will delete it. But please do not hesitate to leave comment and suggestion just for so I know..