The 4th and 5th Award

I've got these award from my International friend blogger :)
The first one is from mymeryl (Phillipine)

and the other one is from jessyjessieca (Malaysia).

Both award are represents the value of friendship.
I love both award because it makes me feel of being accepted as international blogger :D and these award doesn't have tasks so I don't have to do anything just forward it to some other blogger.
So Now I will deliver those 2 award in a packaged ( because they came in the same time ) to the following blogger :


2.Aditya Ramadhan

3.Ho hum, I drum



6.mbak Reni


That's all my friend blogger who I think deserved for accepting these award, pls feel free to Copy the award and forwarding to others who do you think also deserved it.
Thank to mymeryl and jessyjessieca for the award. Wish the best of luck for both of you.

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi friend, thanks for posting this one ^_^ you deserve it. Thanks for the friendship ^_^ wish u all the best! ^_^

Jessy Jessieca said...

okay, thanks for posting it ;p

you are such a nice friend in blogsphere, and so I gave you the friendship award.

Keep posting dan semoga berjaya dalam apa jua yang diusahakan ;)

Maya O.Z.K said...

wah asik2 awardnya keren,
dah lama gk berkunjung eh dkasih award.. mksh ya sob, lsg aq masukin lemari awardku deh hehe..

incredibleleven said...

thank you for these awards. this is my first time having award. horray ... i'm very happy. and thanks for the friendship.

reni said...

Wow.., 2 award yg keren-2 !! Seneng banget menerimanya. Langsung dibungkus, mas... *pulang dengan hati riang*

bobot said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm jd pengen makan neh :D

Investasigo said...

Ok bro, i will re post this award, please kindly remember me if i forget. thanks

tukang nggame said...

Selamat ya dapet award

Belajar SEO Para Pemula said...

great man...
international award

lerry said...

wah gimanasih cara dapetin awar itu yah?

SEO Tutorial | Blogger said...

good luck friend..keep posting.

latih7an said...

tetap semgangat bos

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