Hunting Links

I'm sure you are familiar to exchange links. There is one tip to look for links that many people have been doing is by searching for websites that have forms that you can fill and get link partners that way, right from Google. You can enter such information like:

* Name of your website.
* Description
* URL where you reciprocate.

The most awesome thing is that you can find a load of websites that you can link to. To get this websites, this is what you do.

* Go to Google

* Type the following phrase in the searching box as it is: keyword “Please also suggest my link to the Directory."and replace the “keyword” with the keyword that you are optimizing. For example if I use keyword "computer", I will write: Computer “Please also suggest my link to the Directory."

* Hit Enter – Google will give a tons of websites that have a form that you can enter your website information above. Create a link to all those websites and that’s about it.

Another great way to exchange tons of links, there are some websites that allow users to trade links with other websites and the best part is that they actually rate these websites depending on the response.

Good luck and happy hunting links... :)

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Saung Web said...

Hi I'm coming .Nice post. friend ..

romee said...

Thx, for your nice info, i have use it, but still confused to leave my link, by the way thx...

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