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Rain fish

Throughout weekend ago, inhabitants an small town in territory barren northern Australia experiencing blessings rare. their City had stricken by rain fish.

Daily page The Telegraph disclose, within two consecutive days Cities Lajamanu at states Northern Territory downfall many fish together with rainwater. Fish simply fall down from sky. Most wrasses still alive. Rain fish stopped on Monday, March 1st 2010.

Weather experts in Australia convinced that fish Spangled perch, one types bream in Australia, seems sucked into storm. They are brought before finally scatters in Lajamanu, town which has populated only 669 persons.

"Thunderstorm bringing fish rises until altitude 40 thousand until 50 thousand feet in the air," said an expert senior in Bureau Meteorological Australia, Mark Kersemakers. "As they participate within 'systems' storms, they freeze. After several time, they are free from storms, "Kersemakers continued.

This is the third times within more over 30 years where Lajamanu got rain fish. Similar events happened on 1974 and 2004th.

"Usually, fish exist in water. Now fishes fell from sky. What if something bigger fall from sky? "Said Joe Ashley, citizens aged 55 years old. "Next time it could be crocodiles which will fall from sky," Ashley continued.

HUJAN ikan aussie

Cheating wife

A result of a recent survey stated that nearly 25 percent of the wives being unfaithful to her husband. More surprisingly, about 64 percent of the wives are doing an affair with another man before having children.

After having a child, the opportunity to conduct an affair also remain open. The wives do when their children were aged under five. The number of wives cheating dropped dramatically when her children started growing up.

This is the result of a survey in the UK involving 4000 women who initiated the website Netmums. The survey also noted, one third of the unfaithful wife is also doing one-night stand. Two fifths of them claim to have a date, while one-fifth of the other claimed to have fallen in love.

The man who became his wife and diverse affair. Approximately 37 percent of them choosing former girlfriend, 31 percent choose to sleep with a man who had just met only, and 12 percent chose his close friend in childhood. Five percent of the wives naughty, admits having an affair with a friend of her husband and 2.5 percent chose their own friends.

Triggers from infidelity allegedly is crises in
mid age well absence figure husband at needed.

However, the husbands were equally must introspection because, according to survey results, the amount of cheating husband actually reach double-where 40 percent liked "playing" women.

The study also showed that 63 percent of relationships on couples who had an affair often fail. "Treachery is always a symptom of this problem. Many couples who got through with pain and ends with the happy," said counselor from Netmums, Chris Bannigan.


Brave or nuts?

Got this pictures from and I'm wondering, is this some kind of bravery or just totally nuts. Do you wanna try it? :))