Let's vote for Komodo

Do you know that there is a campaign for the 7 world wonders going on right now, and Indonesia has sent 3 names to be nominated. They are Lake Toba, Krakatau Island, and Komodo National Park. Among that three, Komodo National Park is having a good rank so far (13Th rank).

The voting is divided into steps. Since Jan 1st 2009 the national qualification phase is over, and there are 261 qualified nominees. Voting for nominees will continue through July 7, 2009. The top 77 nominees by group categories (the top 11 in each of the seven groups) will be eligible for consideration by the New7Wonders of Nature Panel of Experts, under the leadership of Prof. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO. The Panel of Experts will review these 77 nominees and choose from them the 21 Official Finalists, according to published criteria. The selection will be announced on 21 July 2009, and the 21 Official Finalists will then enter the third and final phase to vote and choose the Official New7Wonders of Nature.

So let's support our nominee, Komodo National Park, by giving a vote and tell other people to do the same.Komodo National Park is unique and has a plus point because this place is a habitat for a living proof of the big lizard that ever live on earth.

We can be participated in the voting by visiting here but if you want a chance to get a free pocket camera you vote through this link here

OK folks, have a nice vote and wish That Komodo National Park would be chosen as one of The New 7 Wonders of Nature.

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diqky_genx said...

gue dukung tuh komodo joe, he he he

Indoman said...

Mari dukung komodo national park.
Kayaknya coral triangle juga perlu didukung tuh....
Oh ya mau saya sebarkan lewat blog saya. Minta gambarnya yah..
Oh ya lagi...sekalian tukeran link, mau ?

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