The show must go on

"The show must go on." We often hear it in the back stage of the theater when one of the actor or actress didn’t show up.Usually they will fix it either by finding a new actor/actress or by changing a few scene which is not easy because they have to do it in a small range of time.But when they have done it successfully, a new star is born and all people who involved with the project will be proud and feel that they can do everything if they are wiling to do it.

This phrase can be used for all kind of activity in human life. Sometime we have a dream that really want to be built become reality, but on the way to go there, We find some obstacles blocking our way and seems impossible for us to get rid of it. Many of us usually stop and think that there is nothing we can do about it. But if we think about the phrase above "the show must go on", this is not the show we are talking about, this is our dream, our life. So, if that little show can go on, I don’t see any reason why our life can’t. If we see the obstacle, don’t just starring at it and hope that it will go away. Deal with it. If you think that is to big to be removed,ask help from your friends to remove it. If still that obstacle can not be removed, climb it. If it is too high to climb, find another way around. Maybe that way around is more far than the first one, but still you move on and stick to your track in achieving your goal, your dream. Maybe you will find another obstacle which is bigger and more complicated than before, but slowly and step by step you will learn how to deal with it.

When you arrive at the gate of your dream and you pass through it, you will realize that there is only a thin line between a dream and a reality, that line can only be seen by the people who has been through any obstacle behind. Without You knowing it, a new star is born. It is YOU. The show is ON.

By : Aries M Rizal

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