Pina Colada - Little story

This is one of the most well known tropical drinks in the world. You can find this drink at Finest hotels, bars, or restaurants. But have you ever wondered, who invented this drink?
Maybe you think that the person who made the first Pina Colada must be from Caribbean, well you are all wrong. The man who responsible for it is from Spain, Europe. His name is Ricardo Garcia. He was born in Barcelona in 1914. He has two fine restaurants in Barcelona where many rich and famous often comes in.

In 1951 He work at The Hilton castellana Hotel, the first Hilton International Hotel in Madrid, Spain as a Bar Manager. In 1954, he had been moved to The San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caribe Hilton Hotel. In that hotel all guests were given complimentary drink called "Coco Loco." This was a mix of coconut juice, rum, and cream of coconut served in a fresh sliced coconut, cut fresh from the trees around the hotel. One day there was a strike to the hotel come from the coconut cutters union, and Ricardo fond him self run out of coconuts. But using his ’gift’ he saw a large supply of fresh pineapples at the hotel. He cut the top of a pineapple and poured the Coco Loco mix inside and served it with a straw. This added a hint of pineapple flavor. By that time, he had discovered something good.

Soon he was making over a thousand Pina Coladas every night. As he was transferred throughout the Hilton Chain he took his drink with him. But why the name become Pina Colada? It is because to improve the taste, he added crushed ice and strain pineapple into it. Pina Colada is the Spanish phrase for "strain pineapple." And now it become the most well known tropical drink in the world.

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