Hotel and its type

Tourism must be supported by infrastructure and facilities for potential tourists trips, such as the vehicle that would take  them to the destination, as well as accommodation or a place where tourists stay for a while, hotels, motels, cottages, home stays and others.The hospitality industry is a part of industry that provides products and services to customers who are away from home. This industry consists of travel, lodging, dining, entertainment, recreation and games facilities. In short, the hospitality industry is divided into lodging operations, food & beverage services, as well as travel and tourism.

Hotels has important part in hospitality industry. Hotel operations are under lodgings together with motels, resorts, campsites, parks and so on. Hotels managed by its owners by providing food service, beverage and facilities for sleeping rooms to people who are traveling and able to pay a reasonable amount in accordance with the service received and  Hotel Supply Online
in the absence of special agreements. Hotel is a commercial establishment that provides lodging, food and other services to the public .
American Hotel and Motel Association ( Ahma ) , states that the hotel is a place where provided lodging, eating and drinking as well as other services for hire for guests or people who stay for a while.For some of the above concepts can be concluded that the hotel is a type of accommodation that use some or all part of building to provide lodging, food and beverage and other supporting services , serves as a temporary place and available to the public , managed to account for profit or commercial lose, and aims to make a profit in the form of money as a starting measuring .

The main activities of a hotel is renting out rooms to guests. To be able to give satisfaction to the guests, the rooms are rented circumstances must be in the clean condition, safe and comfortable ( free from the possibility of accidents, theft and illness ). For these types of guest rooms can basically be divided into single room that is a room for one person equipped with a single bed sized, twin room is a room for two people equipped with two beds each measuring single , double room the rooms are equipped with a single double -sized bed ( for two people ) and double double is room for four people equipped with two guest rooms and a double -size bed for two people.The standard amenities found in each room type is private bathroom ( bath room ), beds ( number and size according to type of room ), bedrooms, wardrobe ( cupboard ), telephone, radio and television, dresser / write ( dressing table ), shelves for storing suitcases ( luggage rack ), ashtrays, lighters, towel, and stationary.The types of rooms according to available facilities vary from  one hotel to  another such as Atlanta Hotel Supply, it is because the price of the room is always associated with complete facilities. Examples of types of rooms according to the facilities available, the standard room is the cheapest room price. According to the room type usually is the standard room amenities, superior , moderate, suite rooms, executive rooms, suites and penthouse room .

Hotel classification has different classes or levels based on the size of a particular assessment . The classification can be done according to the standard of hotel, number of rooms, type of guests, length of stay, star, type of room rates, hotel operating time, as well as the location of the hotel.

Classification according to the standard, the hotel are based on management, capacity, number of rooms, facilities, employment, as well as the administration. Under these conditions, the hotel is based on the standard can be grouped into:
-International Hotel.
-National Hotel.

By the number of rooms , it can be divided into:
-Small hotel, room number of the hotel with less than 50 rooms.
-A medium, the number of hotel rooms 50-100 rooms .
-Large hotel , the room number of the hotel with 100 rooms and above.

By the type of guests who stay, the hotel is divided into :

-Family hotel, the guests staying with family .
-Business hotel, which is the majority of the guests who stay with the business objectives so that the necessary procedures for practical and quick in service as well as supporting business facilities .
-Commercial hotel, which guests staying from the business community .
-Tourist hotel, which is provided at the majority of the tourists, the hotel that the majority of guests are from agencies or companies that are conducting tourist trip so it is usually located at the county office or agency. The entertainment and Hotel Bar Supplies is a good benefit for the owner.
-Transit hotel, which is where the majority of guests are those who will go on like hotel in the airport 
So, which hotel do you want to stay in? Whichever you choose, be safe and enjoy your journey...

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